Registered Nurse (RN) Resource Guide

As one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, registered nurses (RNs) are essential assets in world of health care. They’re valued by their peers in the medical community, and the demand for these professionals is showing no signs of slowing down, as the number of older Americans continues to increase and more and more physicians move themselves towards specialized practices and some nurses are continuing beyond their rn by attending a nurse practitioner programs.

The nurturing and professional aesthetic that registered nurses bring to health care helps bring people back to a healthy state after operations and sickness. As the industry already has a great shortage of nurses for this rewarding and recession-proof career choice, now truly is the best time to join this booming profession.

The first and most important step in launching your career as a registered nurse is to choose the RN nursing school that’s best for you. Earning your RN to BSN Online typically takes between two and four years, and even less in the case of an accelerated BSN degree , or a RN to BSN Degree.

If you’re considering a registered nursing career  read on to learn what life as an RN entails, the skills necessary to succeed in a registered nursing job, and the different choices you have when picking a registered nursing school .

Careers as a Registered Nurse

Find out more about the different types of RN to BSN Programs you can choose from, what you can expect from a RN career in this exciting field, and find the answers you’re looking for in the RN frequently asked questions

RN Schools and Training Programs

Does the school you’re interested in assist in work placement after you complete the program? Will your program document your course hours? These are all important questions to consider as you choose which RN Nursing School is right for you. Learn what online RN to BSN degree programs are out there, and see what requirements you’ll need to meet in order to get your nursing license . You can also learn what to expect from the different kinds of RN to BSN Programs

Career Paths for RNs

Learn more about the different kinds of registered nurse (RN) career options that exist in the industry, and what you can expect from each setting, whether you’re working in a hospital, in home health services, in physicians’ offices, or as a travel nurse.

RN Jobs

As a registered nurse, you’ll have a variety of career options to choose from when you enter the workplace. Discover the different kinds of registered nurse (RN) jobs that are out there, learn more about registered nurse (RN) salaries, and find out more about the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and how it plays an important part in getting your nursing license .

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of registered nursing frequently asked questions will assist you in learning what you need to do to become a registered nurse before you choose a nursing school. Learn about your state’s licensing requirements, the different nursing degree options, and what kinds of registered nurse (RN) careers exist in the industry.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration projects a shortage of 213,500 RNs in 2010. Consequently, there are a variety of registered nursing career opportunities that exist in this ever-expanding field. Learn more about the different kinds of registered nursing (RN) jobs in the health care industry.

Get Started with your Online Registered Nurse Degree

Today it’s easier than ever for you to further your education and increase your salary with an online RN degree. If you want to start taking steps towards becoming a registered nurse, find the online school and RN to BSN degree program that’s right for you today!

Registered Nurse RN Resources

There are a lot of things to consider as you move forward with your education and begin plotting the course of your career, but you don’t have to do it alone. Get the information you need by exploring our Career Resources below.

RN Careers
Learn about the various career options that are available to professional registered nurses in the health care industry.

BSN Schools
Learn about your options when choosing a school that will help you gain the education needed to become a registered nurse.

Registered Nurse Programs
Explore the different registered nurse programs that exist for students and learn which one best suits your career goals.

The Demand for Registered Nurses
Find out more about the health care industry’s demand for registered nurses as you prepare to enter this line of work.

RN Salaries
Become aware of the salary trends for registered nurses and discover how earning your degree can help you increase your earnings.

Prepare yourself for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and learn how it plays into your professional development as a registered nurse.

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