New York RN to BSN Programs & Schools

In order to become a registered nurse anywhere in the United States, it is required to become educated in the field of nursing. There are many paths to reach the title of registered nurse, including obtaining a basic associate degree. After obtaining a degree in nursing, a national examination process must be completed and passed in order to obtain licensing. The examination was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and is commonly referred to as the NCLEX exam. NCLEX is an abbreviation for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). There is another NCLEX examination titled the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN), which must be completed by those pursing a practical nurse license. The examinations are designed to test and demonstrate nursing competence in order to begin working with patients and practicing nursing responsibilities and duties in a medical setting. After obtaining work experience in the medical field as an RN, nurses may wish to further their career by receiving an advanced nursing education. Those, whom have not yet received licensure as a registered nurse and are interested in becoming a nurse, may choose to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing. This process is similar in most states, but there are numerous schools and BSN programs in New York that provide an easy transition from the title of RN to a nurse with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing.

Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing in New York

While a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing is not required for registered nurses, obtaining this degree can give registered nurses a great advantage over those RN’s that do not possess an advanced nursing education. This is especially important in widely populated areas such as New York State. The more registered nurses there are in any given area, the more advanced education will be needed to secure a stabling nursing job. Obtaining a degree for BSN programs in New York ensures that the education will be up to date with the most recent medical practices and procedures and that there will be an easy, well-prepared transition from schooling to actual medical practice. Employers consider experience and education very heavily in medical professions, so it is no surprise that registered nurses possessing BSN degrees are in higher demand than those with basic associate’s degrees in nursing. With a BSN, registered nurses are given more responsibility outside of general nursing duties and are capable of taking more scientific approaches and methods to their nursing practices. Currently, there is a matter pending with the state board of nursing on whether or not BSN degrees should be required for registered nurses to practice within a hospital setting. While as of now it is not required, it is very possible that all registered nurses in New York will soon have to obtain a BSN in order to practice nursing in the state. It is wise to prepare in advance and begin pursuing the degree before it becomes a requirement, as the degree does require a great deal of time and effort to obtain.

RN to BSN New York  Programs

New York is well-known for highly accredited nursing school programs, and this is no exception for those that are seeking RN or BSN programs in New York. New York State has a huge variety of schools and programs that are made to fit any lifestyle. There are countless amounts of programs and schools offering accelerated programs for those looking to speed up their schooling, part-time classes for those whom wish to remain dedicated to their career while advancing their education, as well as those students that prefer traditional four-year nursing programs. If these options do not appeal to future nurses in New York, there are many programs and schools in the area that offer convenient online courses that allow students to complete work according to their own pace while in the comfort of their homes. As with any area, it is important to research the school or program to ensure that it is an accredited program that will properly prepare the student for practicing in the medical profession. Choosing which RN to BSN New York school to attend will vary depending upon personal preference, location, admission requirements and financial matters, such as the cost of tuition and amount of financial aid available for the school or program. In New York, it is required that a student be able to pass a criminal background check, be able to prove that they are a person with good morals, have a college education and degree in both liberal arts and advanced scientific studies. In addition to these requirements, RN to BSN New York programs also require enrolling students to have good communication and interpersonal skills, apply to the New York State Board of Nursing and pay a fee of $143 to register to take the NCLEX-RN examination. After these requirements are met, assuming the NCLEX-RN exam is passed, a nursing student may become a licensed RN with a BSN in the state of New York.



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