Florida RN to BSN Programs & Schools

Pursuing an RN to BSN Degree in Florida

Florida – the “Sunshine” state – provides many opportunities for the person pursuing a RN to BSN Florida degree. This includes a plethora of schools where you can attend class in a traditional classroom setting or where you attend school online. When you are already a registered nurse, enhancing your education is a good way to advance your career.

When choosing a school to pursue an RN to BSN Florida degree, choose a reputable and accredited school. Schools newly begun aren’t the best choice unless backed by a renowned university or college. Make a list of at minimum five but up to ten schools that you may be interested in attending. After making the list, establish the criteria by which you will make a determination as to the best school to attend. Look at tuition fees, the flexibility of class schedules, the length of the course, accreditation, reputation, scholarship, grant and loan programs and the support services the school offers.

Check with the student services department, as many schools provide placement services after graduation. When you are already working a full-time job as a nurse, consider enrolling in an RN to BSN online Florida course to complete your degree and advance your career. Only choose reputable Florida BSN programs for this type of degree. While online degrees are becoming more socially acceptable by many employers, confirm that the program you plan on participating in is recognized and validated as a quality educational program.

You can also check with your current employer when you work as an RN already for help in going to school. Sometimes employers provide students additional financial assistance when they pursue a career in a field that will benefit the employer. For instance, if you work for a hospital, check with your human resources department about any subsidies available to further your education. These subsidies can cover the cost of books, tuition or other school fees for your RN to BSN online Florida degree without costing you a dime. However, some employers require that you meet grade requirements or complete the coursework in a specific amount of time.

BSN programs Florida offer you the advantage of jobs with higher pay. Florida is in dire need of nurses, according to the Florida Center for Nursing. About 6,000 nursing jobs are vacant at the time of publication and another 50,000 nurses will be needed by 2025. This is because of the many nurses that will be retiring and the aging baby boom population in Florida. This provides a great opportunity for advancement for the nursing student who pursues an RN to BSN Florida degree.

Before applying, you will need at least a “C” average for schooling where you obtained your RN and any nursing school transcripts. Students for Florida BSN programs typically need 120 credit units, with 60 of those units being general education requirements – though each school will vary. You must have graduated high school or obtained a GED certificate or degree prior to enrollment. Before you enroll in a RN to BSN Florida degree program, you must be a registered nurse in the state of Florida already. Florida BSN programs add value to your senior status as a registered nurse and can offer you career advancement opportunities that you wouldn’t receive as just an RN.

An RN to BSN online Florida degree program offers multiple job opportunities with physician’s offices, hospitals or specialty clinics and more. A Florida BSN program allows you to advance your nursing career and prepares you for advanced graduate degrees that can result in even better jobs. A BSN Florida degree can lead to a master’s degree that will afford you opportunities as a nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist. When you go from an RN to BSN Florida degree, it will help you achieve a better position and improve your standing and reputation among your peers.

There is no better time than the present to review the opportunities available to you as a RN in Florida. While many BSN programs Florida have stringent requirements for entry, there are several to choose from to advance your nursing career. The state of Florida requires nurses to continue and advance their education and they must show proof of continuing education at license renewal. What better way to meet these requirements than obtaining a BSN Florida degree and lock in your career as a BSN nurse in Florida. For more information on nursing in Florida and in general, review any one of the following resources:

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